About Me

I am a professional longarm quilter specializing in custom quilting designed for your quilt.  Quilting since 2004 I still love it.  In 2008 I added a second machine, fully computerized, which I love for the intricate all-over/edge to edge designs it is capable of quilting.   I am, however, a free-motion quilter at heart.

Located in Lebanon, Oregon I am about 100 miles south of Portland in the heart of the Willamette Valley.  Here we grow lots of grass seed.  If you have a lawn or play any golf, chances are the seed came from here.  There are also lots and lots of wineries…..so if you are visiting and have a designated driver…..you could check them out.

When I am not quilting I spend as much time as possible outdoors.   I grow a good sized garden, feed the birds, fence out the deer and roll my eyes at the herds of wild turkeys.  Mostly I love all the critters for their entertainment value but the turkeys do get to be a bit much.

picture of me


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Jean – How do I make an appointment to talk with you about quilting my wall hanging? You quilted one for me a few years back, and did a beautiful job! I look forward to working with you again. Paulette Baxter

  2. Hi jean I was wondering what your pricing looks like for Edge to Edge quilting and custom? I have a twin size quilt, and thinking about more than just E2E. Thanks

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